Welcome to Emporium! (A note from Ricky)

Updated: Mar 20

Hey there everyone, welcome to The Emporium Journal! I'm Ricky, and I'll be your journalist of all things Emporium.

Righto here's an informal offering to this blog so y'all can get an idea of where we're going with this. My name is Ricky Bloomfield and I'm the CEO of Emporium Entertainment Limited which is an entertainment company based in Hong Kong. How an Australian muso came to start to a company in HK is a story that can wait for another post (but here's a snappy photo of me in HK anyways!)

I've got a lot of awesome music lined up to share with everyone from here at Emporium Records and I want to talk about all that in LOTS of detail. But first I wanted to introduce myself informally and share a little about me personally now - because it's only gonna be carefully worded posts designed to let you guys know about our latest release, from here on out :)

I wear a lot of different hats in the music industry. I write songs, play gigs, teach, promote events, design merchandise etc, the list goes on. But being a dad for 3 beautiful girls with Chelsy (my queen and goddess) at my side is by far my favourite gig.

I'm a real approachable human, if you want to reach out in any way I'd love to hear from you and you can drop me a line at insta (click the HK photo up there) or on email or

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